Predore, BG - Italy

[ I choosed this photo with me and my uncle Frank (Scottsdale, AZ - USA) for the english section ]

Hi visitor,
welcome to this website! It is not a farm holidays nor whatever you had in mind. We are are a small, family managed agricultural company.
Everything borns from the passion which my mother, Laura Fenaroli, has. She decided to be the master for some other companies making extravirgin olive oil here in the southern zone of Lake Iseo (also known as Sebino) : Associazione Olivicoltori del Basso Sebino e Monte Bronzone.

If you want to buy our oil or simply for curiosity, feel free to contact us by email at or by phone at +39 (035) 938 522. Or by snail mail at :

Cascina degli Ulivi - via Tavernola, 1 - 24060 Predore, BG - Italia

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